Realistic Rendering Of Parisian Apartment


Parisian Apartment visualised by Talcik Demonicova

Imagine how much stress and bad design designs would be avoided if we all had the talent to depict our dream home to a tee like Talcik Demonicova has in this ultra realistic rendering of a exclusive apartment in Paris. Designed by Jessica Vedel, the chic home features a modern marble kitchen island, contemporary furniture, intricate ceiling details and a stunning free standing bath tub perched on a marble “stage”. Vedel’s nordic background has complimented parisian chick in such a beautiful way here.

Enjoy the virtual tour!

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Only Deco Love

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Photo Credit: Victor Demarchelier
How amazing is this? Regram: @cj_hendry #art #illustration #amazing

3d visualisation by Raya Todorova

Malibu Home Of Creative Couple


What happens when a creative couple combine there styles in a home? It has to be good right? Take the Californian home of LA stylist Becks Welch and film and music cinematographer Darek Wolski (best known for films like Alice in Wonderland and Pirates of the Caribbean), it’s just the right fusion of industrial and cosy, contemporary and traditional.

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